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There's some incestuous shizzy in the hizzy

I know that as Gaslamp Ballers, we should love this kind of thing, but I'm nervous about the Giles Era in San Diego. A lot of it seems extra extra inappropriate when the rest of the family is involved. As Brian puts it:

" mom lost it. Her reaction was, 'You guys get to shower together again.' "
I mean, really. Is that necessary? To shower together? Seriously, Mrs. Giles. That's a little weird.

And what's this:
"Brian always played hard," recalls Marcus.
Hey, what? Jeez. Get a room.
"These guys have a special bond," said Padres manager Bud Black.
No kidding. Here's the rest of the article. Be sure to check out the gloriously delighted look on Marcus' face as he drinks his Dasani. Oh, Dasani! Where have you been all these lonely years!? San Diego just got a little bit more creepy uncomfortable.