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Open Thread: Baseball Themed Music

Bob Dylan has a radio show on XM Radio where he chooses a theme and then plays 15 songs to fit the theme.  

Take Me Out to the Ball Game - The Skeletons
Baseball Boogie - Mabel Scott
Baseball Canto - Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Three Strikes and You're Out - Cowboy Copas
The Ball Game - Sister Wynona Carr
Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? - Buddy Johnson and His Orchestra
Baseball Baby - Johnny Darling
Home Run - Chancy Halladay
Strike One - Teddy Reynolds
Newk's Fadeaway - Sonny Rollins
Joe DiMaggio Done It Again - Billy Bragg and Wilco
Say Hey - The Treniers
The Wizard of Oz - Sam Bush
3rd Base, Dodger Stadium - Ry Cooder
Heart - Original Soundtrack: "Damn Yankees"
Joltin Joe Dimaggio - Les Brown and His Band of Renown

Most of his songs are ol' timey time music, which is fine, but maybe we should make a list of our own... and go!