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The last few days have been real slow

I'm waiting for this Charger Game to start and thought I might take the time to write a quick post here.  

Let's break down what's been going on:

  • Jonny Dub has an open thread over on Boltz 4 Eva!  Come join us chat some Chargers.
  • Still waiting to see if the Pads sign Marcus Giles. Yawn.
  • Gaslamp Baller Drama sends us the rumor that Randy Johnson may want to play closer to his home in Arizona.  The Padres are mentioned as a possible place for him.  We add Wells and Johnson and we might have the oldest starting rotation ever.
  • Lil' Clay Hensley was spotted at Typhoon Saloon on Thursday stealing the attention of many a young lady. I'm told other spikey haired frat guys didn't stand a chance.