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Wii update

Dex and I woke up at 5:45am yesterday so we could stand in line at Target to buy a Nintendo Wii.  At 6am Dex was already making jokes about listening to Wii-zer and things being Wii-diculous.  We brought our Nintendo DS's so that we could play together using the Wireless feature, but surprisingly when it's that early you just don't feel like playing video games.  

It was still dark when we arrived and we were the first people there.  The night clerks were outside smoking and looking real tired.  We asked them if they had any Wii's in stock.  They looked at us like we were two of the biggest nerds.  Touche!  They had no idea if they had any and didn't feel the need to help us out by looking.

We waited and watched the sun come up over the Target parking lot.  Eventually 3 guys, 2 of them Irish came to wait with us.  In times like these we bonded by making jokes about how dumb we were for waiting in front of a Target for 2 hours.

We used sign language to message employees in the store through the glass doors.  They confirmed that there were Wii's in stock.  To make sure we asked one more night worker who was leaving.  He told us that they had them.

As 8am approached more people started to arrive.  What's weird is that a good deal of the people were not there for the Wii.  People actually wait in for Target to open every morning.  What could you possibly be in that big of a rush for that early?  I asked one guy what he was going to buy.  "Not that game! (the Wii)"  I asked him again, but he was real secretive and wouldn't tell me.  Strange people come to Target this early.  Us included.

Well the finally open the doors and we quickly walk to the electronics section.  The clerk is like "wii don't have any, I think they come in next wii-k".  Why couldn't they have just told us earlier?  They saw us waiting outside for all that time?  Freakin' Target.  I swore I'd never go back.  That lasted about 8 hours though.  I ended up going back later that evening to get some other stuff.