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Season Ticketholder Event

Dex, Jon and I got an email from Gaslamp Baller TFast yesterday saying that she was in Florida scouting out the Devil Rays and that she wasn't going to be able to go to the Season Ticket Holder Event.  She kindly offered up her tickets to us so that we could attend.  Only problem is that she said it started at 8pm.  In reality it ended at 8pm.  Now that we think about it, it's totally our fault for missing.  If we would have just used some common sense, not watched half "The Transporter 2" and gone to Arby's this never would have happened.  I mean why would it start at 8 anyway,  the event was likely to go on a few hours and there is no way they would want us at the ballpark that late.  We weren't thinking... well, "We were thinking Arby's".

We got down there and the parking lot was already filled and loads of people were leaving.  We walked in the exit (no jokes about entering through the exit please).  They had boxes and boxes of old give aways from seasons past.  People were grabbing like 50 beach towels, hats, seat cushions, t-shirts.  It was crazy.  It was one of those things where you just wanted to grab everything, but then there was that little voice in the back of your head that kept telling you, "Dudes where you gonna put this stuff?  Are you ever gonna use that?  You already have 2 of those.  There are kids in China without one Padres Beach Towel."

In any case we were pulled away from the buffet of giveaway stuff by the voice of Kevin Towers.  We were missing everything!  We walked up and sat down just as they were rapping things up.  We saw about the last 2 questions.  Then they shot off a few fireworks and people started leaving.

We are such bad Padres fans.  Dex with his eagle eyes spotted Christina a few rows ahead of us, so we waited for her and Alex.  Dex made me nervous right before she approached.  "How well do we know Christina do we give her a hug?  Handshake?  Wave?  We don't want to be presumptuous."  Luckily she broke the ice and gave us all a hug.  We shook Alex's hand complimented him on his Uncle Barry investigative reporting.  

We then went to check the sale items.  It was an incredible sale.  Everything was about 50% off, and if it had a date on it then it was 60% or more.  Jonny Dub and Dex got some fitted hats for 11 bucks and some Aki T-shirts.  They were real funny.  Some of the stuff was still overpriced at 50% off.

At that point we ran into the RevRun and the Baseball Gal while shopping and begged him to write up the details for those of us who missed the event.  

All in all good times. Read these write ups by Gaslamp Ballers Christina, RevRun and Osbug for all the tasty details. Including the signing of Geoff Blum and false rumors surrounding the Manny/Peavy myth.