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Towers: "We won't be talking anymore"

Padres-Balsley negotiations stalled

However, General Manager Kevin Towers yesterday expressed displeasure that Balsley has retained an agent, described by Balsley as an adviser. "It was a surprise to me (that Balsley had retained an agent)," Towers said. "I was literally shocked."
"When I returned the phone call, I just basically said, 'I don't deal with agents with my employees (other than a player's agent). We won't be talking anymore,' " Towers said.
Towers said he's told Balsley "there's no guarantee of coming back" if a deal isn't in place before the club hires a new manager, a process that the GM expects to complete within a week.

Balsley said he doesn't have an offer from another club. "Bottom line is I want to be a Padre," he said. "I want to continue to be a Padre and work with this pitching staff."

Towers doesn't deal with Agents of employees? Is that a Padres rule or his rule? Maybe he's just trying to play some hard ball with him, but he better not lose Balsley. To me it makes all the sense in the world for Balsley to have an agent. KT is an professional negotiator and coaches need someone to look out for their best interests. Then KT threatens him with the "no guarantee of coming back" line. I think the Padres need Balsley more then he needs us. Don't blow this KT!

Update [2006-11-7 12:39:52 by jbox]:

KT will talk to Balsley rep

Towers said he will speak with the representative of pitching coach Darren Balsley today and is hopeful of reaching contractual terms. Towers had balked at speaking with Balsley's adviser/agent. ?Believe me, it's not my desire, but I think a lot of Darren,? Towers said.