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Mike Cameron wants Dusty calls him "Good Dude"

Cameron wins Gold, then asks for Baker

Awarded a Gold Glove yesterday, Padres center fielder Mike Cameron knows who the perfect catch would be in the club's managerial search.

"This is my opportunity to vouch for Dusty Baker," an excited Cameron told San Diego reporters. "I'm vouching for him. I've always loved Dusty Baker, been a big Dusty Baker fan."

"I know this guy is a good dude," said Cameron, who has never played under Baker. "I would love to play for him."

So you can vouch for him even though you've never played for him?  Well as long as you know he's a good dude, then by all means lets get Dusty!  I'm convinced.

Update [2006-11-5 0:53:48 by jbox]:

Gaslamp Baller and Cubs fan "Smooth Jazz Man" has a good diary warning us about Dusty Baker.