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Odds and Ends

  • Sandy Alderson blasts the Cubs:
    "There are a couple contracts out there that would suggest history is repeating,'' Alderson told "It's hard for me to understand how you can justify $136 million for a player of Soriano's caliber. I don't know what justifies that contract, other than a lousy won-loss record over the last several years.''
    Alderson said, "Even the sale wouldn't justify it. If anyone's interested in the Cubs, they are buying a brand. They aren't buying the composition of specific players on the field. The Cubs are a brand, like the Red Sox or Yankees.

    Alderson said his Padres came into the market with significant money to spend and that they were targeting outfielders and a third baseman, but that "in some of these cases, we couldn't even get agents to call us back.''

    If they had, they weren't going to hear eight-figure contract offers, anyway. Now Alderson and his baseball people are taking time to reevaluate things. "We still have a mandate to improve the team. It does no good to grouse about the circumstances,'' Alderson said. "We still have to figure a way to improve the team within the marketplace that exists. In some cases it might be the best course of action to see what shakes out over the next week or ten days.''

  • I have a vague memory of over hearing a conversation last week.  It might have been during Thanksgiving, somebody asked "Did you go to Anthony Gwynn's wedding?"  Later in the week, I was wondering if I'm just remembering it from dream, since the details of the conversation are so sketchy in my head.  Well, that and I'm always dreaming about Padres Weddings.  In any case, I kept meaning to look it up to see if it was a dream or reality.  He was married in La Jolla on November 18th, Tony mentioned it in his interview on 1090.

    Here's a review from somebody on myspace:

    went to tony gwynn sons wedding last night, i was in HEAVEN with all the fine athletes there, not to mention got to meet tony sr. the kind of reception i wish you were at...crazy!
  • I'm only going to say this once, actually I'll probably say it over and over.  Do NOT trade Adrian Gonzalez under any circumstances.
    A club official didn't respond when asked to comment on a report that the Padres have offered pitcher Jake Peavy and first baseman Adrian Gonzalez - sought by Boston when he was a member of the Rangers - as part of a package for Ramirez.
  • Seriously what are the Giants trying to do?  Rebuild the Padres circa 2003?  Is this their game plan?  Bochy, Flannery, Roberts, Loretta, Klesko...
    Former Padres first baseman/left fielder Ryan Klesko, who is a free agent, is drawing interest from the Orioles and Giants.
  • Snubbed Pujols says MVP should be on playoff team.  
    "I see it this way: Someone who doesn't take his team to the playoffs doesn't deserve to win the MVP," Pujols said in Spanish at a news conference organized by the Dominican Republic's sports ministry.

    I retort:  I see it this way, Pujols is a sore loser and a big baby.  Seriously shut up and enjoy your world championship.  What's with all the poor sportsmanship?

    First A.C. Slater is suing "Dancing with the Stars" because he thinks he is a better dancer then Emmitt Smith and now this.  BTW, want some juicy gossip?  A.C. bedded down his fiance, his dancing partner, Emmitt's dancing partner and Eva Longoria during the show.  But no he wants some cheap trophy, even though he's won far more then a guy from "Saved by the Bell" ever should.