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Cameron and Hoffman earn honors

Cameron picks up a gold glove and Hoffman picks up the Rolaids Relief award.

Congratulations to both guys! Hoffman was excessively good this year except for when he was most visible to the public eye. I know most Padres fans (and by most Padres fans, I mean me) consider a Hoffman save to sometimes be a tricky series of events consisting of at least one spectacular strikeout combined with a few change-ups that wouldn't fool a kitten with overactive bowel syndrome, combined with at least one man reaching second base on a dramatic double... All before finally getting that third out.

But honestly, if you know it's coming, then you kinda get used to it. The blown saves this year really were a surprise, just because he went through all the same heart wrenching motions and then ended up not getting the save. I just kinda take it with the territory now.

And Cameron is just awesome with a glove. Sometimes a purely subjective assessment really does pick out the right guy.