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Counsell turns down the Padres

This is how bad it's gotten, Counsell is turning us down.

As for who will play second base for the 2007 Padres, it won't be Craig Counsell, who yesterday backed out of a preliminary deal with San Diego and moved the Milwaukee Brewers onto his front burner, apparently because of family concerns.

No second rate, second basemen puts us on the back burner!

Counsell said he wanted to be closer to his family in Wisconsin. But then the Padres make a kinda strange comment:

However, a Padres official said that at a certain juncture, the club will pull a deal if an agent attempts to ?shake the money tree? after terms have been agreed upon. Meister told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that it was ?premature? to say a preliminary agreement had been reached. The Cleveland Indians also were deep in negotiations with Counsell, 36, who could choose Milwaukee as soon as today.
Was Counsell trying to shake the money tree? Good luck with that! Here in the Padres organization we like to save our money, for some player in the future who we will deem too expensive and decide to save our money again. The Padres are a miserable old Christmas miser like Ebenezer Scrooge. We need to be visited by three ghosts.