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How bad do the Padres want Manny Ramirez?

Could the Padres put together a package to acquire Many Ramirez? How much would we be willing to part with?

I admit it. I'm fickle. If they want to move Linebrink and some young talent, I say go ahead. I mean, we had Ryan Klesko patrolling left field at Petco, how much worse could Manny Ramirez be?

As a plus, you can't help but love his passion. Here's a quote from his website:

Children have a special place in Manny's heart, perhaps because he understands how vulnerable they are.
You and me both, Manny. You and me both.

Update [2006-11-28 13:0:47 by Dex]: Good analysis of the Padres chances for Manny. What's in their favor and what isn't.