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Gwynn makes the HOF Ballot


Okay out of these three guys, who looks least worried about the vote ahead.  McGwire looks straight up scared, he knows that his playing days are tainted.  He knows things aren't looking good.  I bet he's even dreading making the ballot.  He wants to be on the DL (the down low).  The less his name is in the press, the better.

Cal Ripken just looks like a jerkoff.  So f'n smug.  Ol' Blue Eyes thinks the world revolves around him.  So what you played every day for ever. I know you are going to get all the media attention this year, you SOB!

Gwynn looks happy, yet slightly nervous.  I think this is the more appropriate feeling.  You're happy you made the cut, but still a little cautious about getting your hopes up.