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Happy Thanksgiving! (And Gary Matthews Jr is making more money than any of us)

I'm gonna go ahead and give thanks that the Padres are losing some bad contracts and haven't jumped at the chance to participate in the insanity that has been this off season's free agent market (yet). Remember Gary Matthew's Jr? Well he's officially a millionaire. I'm also going to give thanks that, at least according to some logic, the Padres are going to win the World Series either this year or the next. So, thanks for that. That'll be rad.

Rounding up other blogs:

  • Breakdown of the Barfield trade. "If Josh Barfield plays poorly, will he earn the nickname 'J-Barf'?" I forget, but did we ever use that nickname for him? I seem to remember a lot of "Barfy".

  • Cardinals Diaspora gives advice for dinner conversation this Thanksgiving, but "deliberately omitted the Padres' fans" as we apparently "have yet to find [our] voices after two straight NLDS losses to [the] Cardinals. Thus conversation is not a necessity." Somebody punch thenerdhater for me.
Two bullets is a weird number, but hey it's what I got. Don't forget to visit Every Game Counts, Choad's and Boltz4Eva (which Jonny Dub assures me will have actual content someday).

Gary Matthews Jr. = $50 million. Could've fooled me. Open memo to the Padres: Don't bother signing anybody this offseason. Seriously. Don't even bother with it. Put the money in the bank for a year.