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Sandy Alderson on 1090

Sandy was just talking to Philly Billy and Darren Smith on "Too Much Show" on the Mighty XX.

Here's what we learned:

  • Sandy was very coy and said that at some point the Red Sox may stop dealing with us because of how past trades worked out, BUT there is some talk of Manny Ramerez for relief pitchers and a short stop.  
  • Mark Loretta is "unlikely" to come back to the Padres to play at second base
  • There was a little bit of talk about Barry Bonds becoming a Padre, but it wasn't very serious and he's not coming here now. They were just talking to look at different options.
  • Mike Piazza will likely end up with an American League team
  • They liked Dave Roberts the person and player, but it is "unlikely" he'll be back, since they are "going in a different direction". The Padres being cheap is a different direction?
  • Darren told Sandy that the fans want reassurance that the Padres won't head into spring training with a $45 million roster.  Sandy said they are not going to spend money just to spend it.  That would be "ridiculous". He's not here to reassure us, etc. Don't get me wrong I like Sandy and all, I think he's a nice guy, but he can come off a little condescending sometimes. He's like "we won back to back NL West titles, we have nothing to apologize for".

So there you have it.  We're not getting anybody else.  It's over.  We are going to go into Spring Training with a $45m roster.  He pretty much said we don't have to spend money just because we have it. We'll let me just say as a fan that we don't have to spend money on the Padres either.  It's not exactly cheap to go to games, buy food, buy apparel, etc. It goes both ways sucka!  Don't forget that.  

We'll probably get our hands on some more young dudes and keep things cheap, who knows it might work out.