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Firing up the Rumor Mill

I was in New York last week for a Sports Media and Technology Conference. If there's something you should know, it's that everybody in sports wants to get into fantasy sports, blogging and online video. We should start a sports video blog about fantasy games. Or better yet a video blog about how to run fantasy game blogs. Man... That's kind of a good idea... I may have to run with that. Rumors are holding me back though.

All the New York papers mention Jake Peavy like he's available. Is he available? I'm beginning to think he is. Somebody hit up P.B. Bar and Grill tonight and ask him. If he's not there, check the parking lot around the corner for the passed out drunks with the broken bottles of Jager in their hands.

Last time Rick Sutcliffe was in town he was quoted as saying, "Everybody on Earth has been trying to steal [Matt Vasgersian]. The Dodgers, the Cubs, ESPN... What is [Matt Vasgersian] still doing here [in San Diego]?" Well, Rumor Mill's got the answer. Turns out Jane Mitchell's got a little bit of a crush on our boy Vasgersian, going so far as to pay off former Padres Channel 4 host, Argy Stathopulos' husband into moving the family out of the city so that there would be less eye candy in the studios. That's a pretty racy rumor right there, but I'm only letting you know what's getting spit out of this thing.

Gaslamp Baller, Dex, is jonesin' for a new Nintendo Wii. What lengths will he go to in order to snake one? Would he stoop so low as to publicly announce it on his blog in the hopes that a friend or family member will buy him one for Christmas, or as a graduation present, or even like... for Thanksgiving? People give Thanksgiving gifts, right?

John Moores was quoted recently in the U-T, saying, "I plan to die broke." Moore's is worth approximately $750 million. I think he ought to follow the Brewster's Millions rules while he's doing it. In other words, very very limited amounts go to charity and gambling. He has to spend the money outright on random crap and he can't tell anybody about it. Then, Gaslamp Ball will follow him around with a video camera. We're in for some seriously hilarious f_cking antics.

Finally... Gaslamp Ball was at a party over the weekend that was attended by none other than Matt, who happens to be assistant head grounds keeper for the Padres. Unfortunately, Gaslamp Ball had a little too much Nati Ice and cherry flavored hookah smoke in his system... passing up the opportunity to interview Matt... Instead opting to dance with girls in front of a nearby laptop that was playing What's It Gonna Be (NSWF language). Darn that stupid hookah and Nati Ice.