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News and Notes

  • Wells is filing for Free Agency
    "He keeps telling me he's probably retiring," Clifton said. "But in an effort to keep his options open, he'll be filing before the deadline."

    Furthermore if you are an animal in Africa, chances are you Wells will be trying to kill you:

    David Wells will spend much of this month in Africa hunting lions, leopards and water buffalo on safari with a bow and arrow.
  • It just took a few three little words to get Flannery to follow Bochy to SF... "You complete me!"  Errr, those weren't them, maybe:
    "Boch said, 'I need you,' " Flannery said.

    That's all it takes, some tender loving words.  

  • Those crazy Aussie's have come up with some new underwears.  I'm guessing these Wonderjocks increase surface area for punching.  I wonder if they lift and separate the fellas.  I'm just sayin'...