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Padres interested in signing Bonds!!!!

Oh dang!  A secret source just pointed me to this article.  She has the inside knowledge of

Padres interested in signing Bonds

The Padres, one of the Giants' NL West rivals, have expressed interest in Bonds, according to a major-league source.
Padres general manager Kevin Towers would not confirm or deny his team's interest in Bonds.

"I'm not going to comment on any of the free agents that we're in discussion with," he said.

Jeez, Ben Johnson isn't gone for a full day before they are talking about filling in his position with Barry Bonds. Alderson may be a genius or a mad man! Would they put police around him in Petco Park if he was a Padre? Would they have syringe give away day?

It might be fun to have such an evil person being a Padre. He'd have to do One-on-One's with Jane Mitchell and do ads for Boot World and stuff. I'd get some good entertainment out of that. It'd also be fun to freely boo a player on your own team every at bat and not feel bad about it.

Update [2006-11-16 12:13:46 by jbox]:


A Padres official last night denied rumors that the Padres would be interested in Giants free agent Barry Bonds.