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See that wasn't so bad was it?

Apparently, KT has gotten over his initial hesitation towards working with representation. Balsley will be returning:

The Padres and Balsley, whose staff led the league in ERA this year, have reached agreement on a two-year contract that will be announced today. Negotiations took a detour after Balsley retained an adviser/agent, but Towers and Balsley worked through it after new manager Bud Black endorsed Balsley.
I don't trust third party and/or indirect communications either. Unless of course, it gets the Bud Black Endorsement. Like sometimes, I'll get a phone call from somebody claiming they represent United Way, asking me to leave old clothes on my door step and saying they'll take the clothes to United Way for me. I say, no way Jose. I ain't leaving anything out on my doorstep until I get a call from United Way himself! I want the head honcho, Mr. Way to be calling and asking me and only then will I be leaving clothes on the doorstep.

Unless I get the Bud Black Endorsement. Then, OK... You can have this sweater with the hole in it.