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Flannery's going to San Francisco

UT:  Giants hire Flannery as third-base coach

Flannery declined comment last night when reached at his Leucadia home, but he told a friend, "The Giants are giving me a chance to get back on the field, and I get a chance to be with the best manager in baseball."

Good for Flan, I'm happy that he'll be able to get back on the field with his old buddy, Boch.  I was one of the people that kinda liked him on the radio.  Not as much as Leitner, I love me some Leitner, but he was good.  I wonder if this means that Jerry will have to do some more games.  Maybe they'll bring Bob Chandler back for a bit.  I'm not quite sure who you get to do the color on the radio now.  There's not many Padres legends left.  Archi Ciafrocco?  He was the ultimate utility man, maybe he could take on that role.  

Flannery, who also will be the Giants' baserunning and bunting coach, could be joined by several other former Padres who have drawn preliminary interest from the Giants: free agents Rich Aurilia (first base), Mark Loretta (second base or utility man) and Gary Matthews Jr. (center field).