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Jerry Coleman in "A Few Good Men" movie

Denis Poroy

I was flipping through the TV Channels here tonight and came across "A Few Good Men" on Bravo. Not a good movie, but I tuned in at the part where Tom Cruise is watching a 1991 baseball game on his couch.

My ears perked up when I heard the voice of Padres broadcaster Jerry Coleman doing the play by play. Not only is he in the movie "A Few Good Men" but he was one of the few, the proud. He's a retired Lt. Colonel in the USMC. You NEED him on that wall!

After a little research I came to realize it was the May 23, 1991 game against the Braves. The Padres had a 10-6 lead in the 10th and blew it then the Braves' David Justice hit a grand slam and Jerry exclaimed "A home run I don't believe it! The Braves tie it 10-10!"

Fret not, the Padres won in the 12th inning on a home run by Darrin Jackson.