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I should've been a farmer.

I love chickens and pigs and ducks.  I'm kind of fond of nanny goats, I am.

We have put on quite a clinic on how not to score in big games.  You never know what you are going to get with this Padres team.  Somedays it seems like we'll never get a hit again.  Either the line up is playing too conservatively and waiting for the perfect pitch or swinging wildly at balls out of thet strike zone.  There seems to be no consitency at the plate even among individuals.  

I still think this is Dave Magadan's handy work.  I have no idea who's fault it is, but I'll pretend he is calling up the players after games and giving them hitting tips.


The Padres are hitting an embarrassing .164 in the series, getting just 10 hits and one run so far, while striking out 20 times. They're 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position, and have stranded 13.
So why have San Diego's bats gone AWOL?

"It's one of those things where we struggle at home offensively," Brian Giles said. "There's no sugarcoating it. I wish we had an explanation. We don't."

It was hard not to lose all hope at today's game.  David Wells pitched well but had zero run support.  He also had a pickle situation behind him where the Pads looked like a really bad little league team.  Pujols is not a fast man, but instead of just running him down they tried to get cute.  Of course there was nobody backing up second so Pujols not only got out of a pickle but grabbed the extra base as well.  Wells looked seriously pissed.  

After about the 4th inning it became evident that the Padres were not going to score and perhaps not even get anyone in scoring position.  They made Jeff Weaver look unhittable.  

After the game fans in right center threw beer bottles and trash on the field as a good portion of the fans booed the team.  I don't really blame them for being upset.  We've all invested alot in this team.  

Must not lose hope...