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Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret... I mean Dex

Well, that was really bad. I knew it was bad when we looked at the lineup and realized that Todd Walker was batting third and playing second base.

But then I realized... Of course Todd Walker is playing second base and batting third. He's our best second baseman and he's basically the reason we got to the postseason in the first place. And it's not like Barfield can get hits off of right handers. Barfield sucks against right handers, especially Jeff Weaver. The double late in the game was very flukey and I'm a little worried that Barfield is gonna start getting a big head over it. Bochy better sit the kid down and let him know that he'll probably never ever be able to hit a right hander again because Barfield is in fact himself, right handed.

I mean, Jeff Weaver isn't a Cy Young candidate for nothing. He got there because he makes All-Stars look like fools. That's just what he does.

OK. OK. Honestly... No joke... I say the way they play Pujols is absolutely perfect. Pujols is a chump and anybody that thinks you can't strike him out every single time is kidding you. You seriously can not walk the guy because every time you do, he's a threat to do some damage on the base paths. The base paths is where he's dangerous. You want him in the batters box where he can look idiotic. These last two games? Luck.

Anyways... I'll try posting again later. BLECH.