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Oh it is on now, boys and girls

I'm up right now going through the internet, just looking at things. Let's see what there is...

  • Gaslamp Baller Drama sends over this article about the Padres clubhouse. It's generally good including a bit about Peavy, Embree and Linebrink's lockers being "Redneck Row". My only beef with it is the fact that San Diego is referred to as Red Sox West. Enough with the Red Sox. Are East Coasters that weird about the Red Sox? Associate what you know I guess...

  • Bit of good news #1 during the Padres off day: Yankees game gets rained out forcing them to play an afternoon game today. Awwww poo wittle ESPN. Couldn't get thew New Yoke watings? That's what you call karma, bitches. Not everybody's from New York.

  • Bit of good news #2 during the Padres off day: Two Dodgers getting thrown out at the plate on the same play. I love it when ridiculously embarrassing stuff happens to the Dodgers even more than I love it when it happens to the Yankees and ESPN. This only confirms my suspicion that J.D. Drew is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Lights are flashing, gates are on, train ain't coming for days.

  • Lee Smith is throwing out the first pitch today. It's time to pass the torch. You're too old to rock. No more rockin' for you. We're taking you to a home. But we will sing a song about you. And we will make sure that you're very well taken care of.

  • Rich over at San Diego Spotlight (Padres MVN) apparently had insanely good seats. I mean, insanely good. My buddy Robert and I literally could not see the ball from where our seats were. Even when we moved over to meet up with Jonny Dub and his uncle, they didn't get any better. We had a "Padres" fan in a red Padres hat. I was convinced that Annoying Red Padres Hat "Fan" was jinxing the hell out of us. You have no idea how annoyed I was with the whole concept.
We'll be there for Game 2 today! Park in the Park! Oh it's on now, boys and girls.