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News and Notes

  • Doug Mirabelli filed for free agency.  Red Sox still have Wakefield though.  So here's my idea, we we sign the virtually worthless Mirabelli for practically nothing, but we'll promise him the starting job just to get him a little excited about playing in SD again.  Then when he least expects it we decide to go with Bard or Piazza instead.  Then we trade him back to the Sox a couple weeks into the season when Boston is in serious need.  This way we can take all of their best prospects.  It's perfect.  Being a GM would be so fun.
  • Okay Towers says he's interviewing 8 candidates for the Padres Manager opening.  Here's the people we know:
    1.  Harry "Bud" Black (Angels Pitching Coach)
    2.  Jose Oquendo (Cards third base coach)
    3.  Trey Hillman (managed the Nippon Ham Fighters)
    4. Update [2006-10-30 21:13:4 by jbox]:

      Peter from Padres RunDown fills in some more of the list:

    5.  Ron Washington
    6.  Manny Acta
    7.  Ron Wotus
      Update [2006-10-31 11:30:45 by jbox]:

      Brewer09 gives us another name from the AP:

    8. Tim Wallach

      Update [2006-11-2 11:41:50 by jbox]:

    9. Dusty Baker
  • The Pads have exclusive negotiating rights with Dave Roberts for the next two weeks.  So far DR's agent hasn't even gotten so much as a drunk dial or text message from the Pads.