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A post in which I question Bruce Bochy's decisions and Jake Peavy's lack of humility

I just got back from the game. I think I may try to drink away my troubles and any recollection of today's game.

Here's what jumps out at me... First off, Mark Bellhorn with the bases loaded is a decision I'm not sure anybody can justify. Why not put Bowen in there? He has a better OBP than Bellhorn against lefties. Scanlan and Kintera were trying to argue that if you put Bowen in there, he's your last catcher and if something were to happen, you wouldn't have a catcher left to sub in. And of course, just me typing that out and you all reading it... That sort of logic makes no sense at all.

Who cares if he's your last catcher? He's your best shot. It's the 7th inning. These are grownups... Bowen's made it this long without any freak accidents, so what's anybody worried about?

Also, Peavy's got to learn some humility and realize that he can't strike everybody out. I swear to God... Peavy gets two strikes on somebody and for his next pitch, regardless of what's called, he throws it as hard as he can down the center of the plate. How bout mixing in some high heat? What about setting the batter up with some movement? Why not just lose one in the dirt and see if the guy swings?

Why in the world would he throw it right down the center of the plate?

Anyways... It was just a frustrating game. Dave Roberts did his best to win the game by himself, but couldn't quite pull it off. I'm very disappointed, but at the same time, this was probably the Cardinals best chance at a win and they got it. Now we just have to show up for the rest of the games.

*le sigh*