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Alderson forces Bruce Bochy to leave

The idea of Bruce Bochy wearing a Giants uniform makes me sick to my stomach.  It's not about the Giants.  It's about the Padres organization.  Seeing the man who was the moustache on the face of Padres Baseball for so long, repaid for his loyalty by being hung out to dry by Alderson and crew makes me shake my head.

I know, I know Sandy Alderson is some sorta baseball genius and every decision he makes is pure gold.  


"What I focus on is the process, not necessarily the result; the journey, not necessarily the destination," Alderson said last night about allowing his manager to talk to other teams.

But seriously, what the hell is he talking about?   What the hell kind of quote is that and what does it have to do with Bruce Bochy.  That's the kinda B.S. somebody says when talking about their vacation.        

It didn't mean the contract would never be extended. . . . I thought there was the strong possibility he would be back."

Here's the thing Sandy, if you wanted him back, he'd be back.  You wanted him gone, so he's gone.  This isn't about Bochy wanting to leave or to see if the grass is greener some place else.  It was never about that.  This is about you wanting to shake up the organization.  So my complaint is this... just say it!  Stop acting like this wasn't your decision.  You thought he'd be back?  Why? Because you thought nobody else would want him?  That's f'n crazy.  

I've been in the trenches with Bochy when the sh!t hit the fan.  I've played touch football with him in the backyard.  I know what a competitor he is.  When he drew that Hail Mary play out on his enormous hand, on a fourth and long, I never questioned him for a minute.  I knew we would connect for the winning touchdown.  That's just the kinda man that he was.  Sure I did most of the work by making that spectacular catch, but this isn't about me.  It's about you Bruce Bochy.  I'm gonna miss you.