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Bochy Watch, Day 211: Bochy is a Giant!

Jonny Dub just gave me the call and apparently the Secret Source was correct and Bochy will be running the show in the City.

Finally... A team that appropriately reflects that huge head of his.

So who's running the show in Padreville? And does this mean Towers is next to find greener pastures?

Update [2006-10-27 0:30:37 by Dex]: I had traded notes with Grant over at McCovey Chronicles earlier today about the Bochy thing. For what it's worth, here are his notes about Alou:

It was sooooo time for Alou to move on. Sports fans are always going to argue. There's always going to be that guy trying to defend a Johan Santana for Tony Clark move; there's always dissent. Not with Alou. Haven't read or heard one, "Damn. I was hoping he'd come back." That kind of says it all. It didn't seem like the players respected him, and it didn't seem like he cared. And his bullpen usage was absurd. It wasn't just the LOOGY fetish; most managers have that. It's how he would warm up pitchers in five different innings, and never have any intention of bringing them in.
Now that Bochy's gone... I feel a little sad. Goodbye, young stallion... Goodbye!