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State of the Padres Nation (wherein we sit down and actually write a proper post)

Just to give you people the full disclosure, I'm winding up the regular classes of my Sports MBA program at SDSU while still doing work for Sports Media Challenge where I help put together our awesomely fantastic NCAA Football blog at Every Game Counts. Jbox has been out of commission with a cold. We have been neglecting our duties. Luckily, you guys seem content to discuss amongst yourselves.

In any case, I just got done chatting with Gaslamp Baller Brad about the recent goings ons and figured I'd let you in on our discussion as I think they're probably some of the bigger questions Padres fans are asking each other right now.

Question 1: What's up with Bochy?
I'm not surprised Bochy is testing the waters right now. His value can't possibly be any higher right now unless he somehow managed to win a World Series. His team got beat by what looks to be the hottest team in baseball. He's lead very distinctly different flavors of Padres teams to the playoffs. He has a knack with touchy veterans and for the most part, he's been a positive influence on our young talent. And that's even considering the fact that our farm system consistently gets pooped on by so called "analysts".

Question 2: What's up with Dave Roberts?
As awesome as Dave Roberts is, he has to realize that his time with the Padres is limited considering McNaulty, Ben Johnson and Sledge are breathing down his neck. And Roberts is another guy who's value is at a high. I have a little trouble believing that he'll end up with the Giants even if Bochy ends up there just because I can't see the Giants continuing to go older. I'd like to keep Roberts around, but he's due to make at least as much money as he made last year, which the Padres may or may not do depending on who they go after in free agency.

Question 3: How good of a situation are we in?
Reading Dodger Fan's diary suggesting that we're not going to do well next season is interesting considering that these are the facts of the matter. Take a look at that chart and come back. Don't focus on the top of the list. Instead, let your eyes wander to the bottom. Look at those numbers. Chris Young: $600k. Clay Hensley: $329k Under Club Control. Adrian Gonzalez: $325k Under Club Control. Josh Barfield: $325k Under Club Control. Cla Merideth: $329k Under Club Control. It goes on and on. The core is there and we're going to be free of tens of millions of dollars that we've been spending on guys that... sorry to say... we don't even really need. I don't see us picking up an A-Rod, but we have money to take care of our young core who will be needing contracts soon while also having enough left over to pick up potentially three big time type players.

If I'm Kevin Towers, I print out a copy of that graphic and carry it with me to wave in the face of the haters. If they ask about the bad contracts, I blame that on John Moores.

If I had to make Gaslamp Ball Oracle predictions, it would go like this:

  1. Secret Source turns out to be wrong and Bochy returns next year.

  2. Dave Roberts, after having a team MVP type season, returns to the club somehow miraculously having been talked into taking a little bit of a pay cut.

  3. Cesar Carillo is up with the club by next May.
So has the Oracle spoken. So shall it come to pass.