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Bochy Watch, Day 112: Rumor Mill in Denver

My favorite thing about the Rumor Mill is the sweetly delicious rumors that flow out of it once it's fired up. For example, look at this one from the Denver Post:

San Diego Padres manager Bruce Bochy is quietly emerging as the front-runner for the San Francisco vacancy. Giants general manager Brian Sabean will interview Bochy soon. It's hard to believe Bochy, who has been with the Padres for 12 years, would make the effort if he weren't serious about taking the job.
I think Bochy desperately wants to get out of San Diego and just manage anywhere else. My evidence for this rumor comes from this snippet out of the UT:
"If I can get it all worked out, I'd love to go," Bochy said.
You see that? He can't wait to get out of here.

Update [2006-10-25 12:24:31 by Dex]: Actually, that was taken out of context. The actual quote begins with:
Bochy yesterday was invited to manage the U.S. All-Star team in its upcoming tour of Japan.
Sorry for trying to deceive you. It was the devlish part of me coming out.