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I guess it takes a while to run somebody out of town

You know, as critical as I am of Bruce Bochy, it's tough to deny that he's managed teams to division titles (I guess because you can't rely deny the facts). And sure the stock answer to that is that the NL West wasn't a good division last year, but what about this year? I mean, we weren't the American League, but did you even see what they were trying to pass for competitive baseball in the Central? I honestly don't believe that you just luck into something like two division titles in a row. It's not like our talent was overwhelming. Bochy must have had a say in things. The only manager I've ever seen stumble and bumble his way to any sort of success was Bob Brenly in '01. I'm sure there are others, but that was the one case I can think of where the team would have won the World Series without any help from a manager, and any other halfway competent manager would have swept the World Series.

In any case, San Francisco is the next interview spot for Bochy. If Bochy does end up with another team, I'd like him to end up with a team in our division. I'd like to see exactly what he would against us. I bet he'd bat lefties against lefties and righties against righties. He'd start young promising guys over veterans and journeymen. It would be cool.

One thing, not related. The entire SBNation is doing something for something and I've received word from above that we'd like for you guys to fill out this survey. I just went through it. It should take like 5-10 minutes. Less if you read fast or guess. Thanks!