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The more things change the more they stay the same... literally...

Lots of speculation in the Chicago papers today about Bruce Bochy going to the Cubs. I honestly can't see management changing things in the front office much. Remember, this was the year that part of the marketing push involved showcasing the front office. You couple that with the fact that we've been NL West Champs two years in a row and it could potentially be a pretty big PR hit in years of declining attendance.

So why did attendance decline? We've been getting better. However, we still suck balls at home and we don't have any superstars. I'm not saying that superstars is all you need, but if I'm gonna go to a game and I'm pretty sure it's about 50/50 that they're gonna win, even though they're 5 games up in their division, there better be something to see. I wanna be razzle-f_ckin'-dazzled.

That being said, the Gaslamp Ball Oracle says we still won't be getting A-Rod, though related issues may surface. I know not what the Oracle speaks of, I only provide a voice.