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Padres release Bellhorn. Oh what's that? You don't say. Well, whaddaya think about that one.

Well the Bellhorn experiment is over. Bellhorn's Padres career will forever be remembered for the frustrating bases loaded, pinch hitting situation. So terrible.

Bellhorn had some big home runs for the Padres this season but struggled with consistency, finishing the season with a .190 average.
For the record... Finishing with a season average of .190 isn't exactly struggling with consistency. It's a little more like consistency took one look at you and crapped in your hat before jumping out of a window. For as much argument as you can make that Bochy should be kept in San Diego, it's glaringly bad decisions like that one that unfortunately contribute to his legacy.

Update [2006-10-12 17:34:50 by jbox]:

The San Diego Padres released infielders Mark Bellhorn and Manny Alexander, and right-hander Scott Williamson, on Thursday and claimed left-hander Justin Hampson from the Colorado Rockies.