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Matt Vasgersian close to a deal

I'm not sure if this is news, but I have a source that tells me that Matt Vasgersian is close to signing again with Padres/Channel 4.  You may remember that the Cubs wanted to lure him away a few years back for some big money, but the Padres wouldn't let him out of his contract.

I heard this time around he's negotiating more vacation time.  The number I was told was 120 games.  So he'll have a good 40 games off this coming year if they do reach an agreement.

Rumors of Vasgersian and Grant not getting along are exaggerated.

I've seen Matty V. on "The Sports List" with Summer Sanders a few times in the past weeks.  Both times he ended his comment with a curse word.  Like "Al Davis dresses like Sh*t!" and then cut away.