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Padres top prospects

Those of you who've preordered the John Sickels Prospect Book 2006 received his teaser list of the top 50 position player prospects and the top 50 pitcher prospects. Since this is an exclusive peak at what's going to appear in the book, I won't copy the lists here. I will talk about the Padres who appear on the list though.

Two Padres show up across both lists which isn't very comforting in our quest to build for 2007 and beyond, but perhaps there's better news for us in the book.

The Padres top position player prospect is George Kottaras. This makes sense as John listed Kottaras second in last season's initial list. Josh Barfield of course will likely be with the club next season. I'm still speculating that Kottaras ends up with the club by the All-Star Break, but that's just speculation. Kottaras does rank as the 4th best catching prospect and the 33rd overall.

As far as the pitchers go, Cesar Carrillo comes in at number 7. I'm getting more and more excited about Carrillo. I expect he'll be making spot starts for us sometime this season as well.

Once those guys are with the club though, I'm worried about our lack of really exciting guys. I know I gotta wait for the book to see truly how the minors are shaping up for us, but it's looking somewhat sparse.