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Sandy Alderson speaks

Some insights from the man as related on Mighty 1090:

  • They're going with Ryno at first in the hopes that the last year of the contract means Ryno will have a contract year.

  • Clay Hensley slotted for 7th inning work. Basically, continuing in the slot that he actively took away from Aki.

  • Sandy is hoping that Gonzalez gets some regular playing time.

  • Sandy doesn't think anything happens with David Wells and the Padres anytime soon.

  • Ready to announce the signing of a pitcher in the next two or three days. Not Wells. Lima? Is he talking about Lima? Dude. Old news.

  • Philly Billy pressed Sandy a little and he revealed the name as Shawn Estes. Dude. OLD NEWS.

  • Talking a little smack about Olivo. Sandy's like, "Dude was hitting .150 in winterball. So we told holmes to take his oatmeal to the curb and into the gutter." Yes, I'm actively trying to make up slang.

  • Mirabelli to catch about 100 games. That leaves 62 games for Kottaras to show some stuff.

  • Q: Why is Dave Magadan still coaching for us?
    A: Sandy likes him and that he has a sound, fundamental approach. He hopes that Mags is a little more successful in communicating his approach this year.
On that last bit, I'm not quite sure what the approach was that he was looking to impart other than clutch situation GIDP and swing for the fences.

No mention of Lima. Weird.