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BREAKING NEWS: Sean Estes and Jose Lima new Padres?

Thanks to Anonymous Hero who broke this news in the Padres Roster Changes Diary.

... and thanks to Babelfish for helping me translate it.  

There are two pitchers I hate in baseball.  Wanna guess who they are?  No need. They are about to be the two newest Padres.

The Padres are close to a deal with Sean Estes.  I've hated Estes since that smug little punk beaned Finley back on Sunday, April 19, 1998. He and Cami shared words after that as he drew a walk. I remember hoping that Cami would rip Sean's arm out of his socket

Lima just acts like an idiot.  He's so arrogant and his posturing and flamboyancy drive me nuts.  Here's the article on Jose Lima translated into some weird English by Babelfish.

"my problem is already not of money, you you know that no, I feel satisfied by the contract that I finish doing with San Diego, because I what wanted was to guarantee to be until the 2007 in Great Leagues", said to the serpentinero in published declarations Monday by the Caribbean.
Do I have to be fans of these guys now?

The only upside is maybe he'll sing the national anthem and his wife will come out to support him. Though the irony is she'll have no "support" for herself.