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Baseball Dreams

I had a baseball dream last night.

I dreamt I was Tony La Russa and somehow jbox was Don Zimmer. We were talking about the fact that Ted Williams was alive and playing baseball again. We had just acquired Teddy Ballgame and we were trying to work out where he would play in the Padres lineup.

I do not know why I wasn't Bruce Bochy. I'm not sure why jbox was Don Zimmer either.

In any case, we stuck the Splendid Splinter in right field. Moved Giles over to left. Batted the Kid third and Dave Roberts was relegated to the bench. In my dream, Ted Williams didn't look like a regular human. He looked like one of those old painted baseball cards had come to life and was patrolling the park. Zim/jbox kept cackling about how the Padres were going to be unstoppable now that the Thumper was in the middle of the lineup.

Then I woke up.