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ESPN: Projected Starters

ESPN has projected the starters at every position for every team.

Here's how they see the Padres:

San Diego

C      Doug Mirabelli
1B     Adrian Gonzalez
2B     Josh Barfield (r)
SS     Khalil Greene
3B     Vinny Castilla
LF     Ryan Klesko
CF     Mike Cameron
RF     Brian Giles
SP1    Jake Peavy
SP2    Woody Williams
SP3    Chris Young
SP4    Chan Ho Park
SP5    Tim Stauffer
CL     Trevor Hoffman

Somehow I get the feeling that Klesko ain't starting in left field ever again.  Although Bochy has done crazier things. Somehow that team doesn't scare me yet. It scares me as a fan, but if I'm another team I'm not quite scared yet. I need a few more changes to be nice and scared. I want to be shaking in my boots by the time spring training comes around. I want to urinate in my underwears at the very thought of the Padres.