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Piazza is a Padre!

Oh so decrees Fox Sports (which I stole off Lone Star Ball, I'm so slow on this stuff). Congratulations to us!

Free-agent catcher Mike Piazza has agreed to a one-year, $2 million contract with the Padres, has learned.

The contract includes an $8 million mutual option for 2007.
Piazza will be the number one catcher and when he starts he'll be a cleanup hitter.

How you like us now? Do we look OK? I'm more comfortable with Piazza than Doug Mirabelli (no offense to Doug), but I think I would've been more comfortable with Ramon again. Though you can't beat the price. Excellent to know that the two million we saved on Loretta went towards something.

Update [2006-1-29 19:17:33 by Dex]: So some proper commentary. If we have no more moves, here's what I'm guessing the lineup looks like:

Dave Roberts LF
Mike Cameron CF
Brian Giles RF
Mike Piazza C
Ryan Klesko 1B
Vinny Castilla 3B
Khalil Greene SS
Josh Barfield 2B

Honestly? I feel pretty comfortable with that lineup. It's still a relatively weak division. We have some good young depth. If we were to pick up another proper starter and shore up the bullpen a little bit, I'm just about ready to be extremely psyched for the season.