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Gaslamp Ball Birthday Appearances

Went to a birthday dinner for tfast last night at Bali Hai. Really good food. If you'd like Gaslamp Ball to show up to your birthday then let us know and we'll make an appearance. Jbox is out of town this weekend making an appearance at another birthday. We had to split the forces the accomplish all the engagements we have.

School update: It's been fun so far. We did a ropes course this week as part of a team building excercise. You climb up a cargo net 20 or 30 feet up into the air and then you do high wire courses and move from swing to swing. It was very challenging. I know it doesn't sound much like anything I might need as an MBA candidate, but that's because you're not in an MBA program. The things we learned will be invaluable when the lower class finally rebels against our tyranny and we're forced to escape from the tops of our ivory towers via vine and suspended logs.

If you're interested, here's their website. Schedule your group today!