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Piazza likely a Padre

I'm excited about that bit of news.

"He still thinks he can catch 70 to 80 games," Towers said of Piazza. "We can probably carry three catchers."

Piazza could DH in the Padres' nine interleague road games, Towers added, and the GM said that he could even envision Piazza playing "10 to 15 games" at first base during the season. Piazza didn't play first base at all for the 2005 Mets, after struggling greatly there in 2004.
Oh man that'll be great. As it is, we get a ton of Google referrals from people searching "Brian Giles is gay". Now we'll have Piazza and Gilly on the same team. I am absolutely tittilated. Tittlated I say. I'm predicting we see some full on makeout action by the All-Star Break. I'm talking shaved legs and tongue and everything.

Nick G. provides us with what Gaslamp Ballers will need to know about Piazza here and here.