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Padres Fans Since '76 Day at Petco! Believe it!

There it is in print... Chec out the promotion on August 3. That's right, it's '76 day at the park! For those of you who've been with us since the beginning, you'll know that we were once known as Padres Fans Since '76, and now, here we are, and they've scheduled a promotional day for us.

One word: awesome.

Maybe next season, we can get them to do a Gaslamp Ballers promotional day for us. That would be crazy sick.

In bonus news, the promotional schedule is really nice if you're under the age of 14 as it includes a Padres Mr. Potato Head, Padres kite, and Brian Giles-in-a Box. I wonder whose idea it was to take Brian Giles in all his glory and put him in a box. Lucky for our readers, I found a photo of the original concept, Brian Giles-in-a Barrel (not really safe for work).

I'm thinking they'll probably change that design around for the kids, but I'm told that's actually what Giles was envisioning when first approached about the promotion. Believe it!

Thanks to tfast for the heads up