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Giants fans predict the NL West. And the winner is...

Wait for it... the San Francisco Giants. Wow. You don't say? My word. Padres come in third with the Frisco Chronic-what!-cle:

It's just that the Padres have that same, tired look.
He must be talking about the uniforms considering the fact that we're replacing half the team. Stupid Giants beat reporter. F__k that guy. Says that about the Padres even after saying this about the Giants:
This wasn't much of a unit without Bonds, and no amount of cosmetic surgery -- Matt Morris, Steve Finley, Jose Vizcaino, Mark Sweeney, Tim Worrell, Steve Kline -- can change that. The Giants remain extremely old and decidedly vulnerable. Clearly, though, this is a one-season deal. It seems likely that Bonds is playing his last season in San Francisco (let him DH his way to Henry Aaron if he doesn't catch up this year), and if blessed with good health, this is one classy lineup.
I added the emphasis there. Everybody in San Diego knows that the Padres lineup is old, but that Giants team is old. That's like old-old, as opposed to just old. Also, they still somehow find it in them to root for Barry Bonds, who I might have to remind you, was planning on losing 30 pounds this season for "health" reasons and not for reasons related to BALCO.

Grant at McCovey Chronicles cheeses out a little bit with this snippet:
Passed their peaks? I'm sure that's not the case. I don't have a current stat book handy, so I'll just have to use a stat book from after the 2000 season to prove my case:
Vizquel - .287/.377/.375
Durham - .280/361/.450
Alfonzo - .324/.425/.542
Bonds - .306/.440/.688
Alou - .355/.416/.623
Snow - .289/.365/.459
Matheny - .261/.317/.362
Grissom - .244/.288/.351
Sure, those were statistics from 2000, but how much can change in five years? I'm pretty sure the Giants rode that lineup to 1000 runs last year, and Grissom is bound to bounce back. I don't need to look it up.
Grant's obviously joking, but I'm going to follow his lead though and I'll go ahead and use the stats from '98 and tell you the Padres won the world series and Vinny Castilla batted .319/.362/.589 with 46 homeruns. If I go back five years, Shawn Estes won 15 games. Heck, I'll go back four years and point out that Mike Cameron stole 34 bases and batted in 110 runs. Four years ago, Klesko hit 30 HR, 113 RBI and .283/.393/.516.

I kinda like this selective thinking. Puts me in a positive frame of mind.