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What ballparks have you visited?

Ducksnorts has a nice post asking what baseball parks everybody's been too. Funny how baseball fans will collect ballparks. Do you see that in basketball and football? I know of people who will mention that they've seen a game at Staples or Madison Square Garden or Soldier Field, but it's never quite the same as the people who'll talk about the games they've seen at Wrigley or Fenway or Camden.

In any case, head over to Ducksnorts and post your list, or you can post it here. Here's what I posted over there...

Here's mine: Fenway (on the day they fired Jimy Williams)
Wrigley (on the day Darryl Kile died... game cancelled obviously)
Yankee Stadium
The Jake for some brown mustard
Dodger Stadium
The BOB (for 6 and 7 of the 2001 World Series)
The Q

Dell Diamond (Round Rock Express)
Wahconah Park
Elsinore (but haven't seen a game)
LeLacheur Park (Lowell Spinners)


Doubleday Field in Cooperstown
various little league diamonds...
various high school fields as a member of the Fighting Catfish Baseball Club

etc etc
So where have you been?

Apologies to Geoff for blatantly glomming onto his idea