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My Glove

I just went down to Sports Chalet and picked up some oil for my glove.  I got one of those Rawlings leather repair kits too.  I fixed some broken leather on my soft ball mit and oiled up my 15 year old baseball mit for the first time.  It was crazy dry and starting to crack a little on in the inside. "Dry as your granddaddy's scalp!" Quick, which movie is that quote from?

Anyway, I was reading the instructions for the glove oil and they said to use a cloth to apply the oil.  I found that the cloth soaked up most of the oil and not much actually got on the glove.  Here's my tip for you.  A toothbrush!  It worked really well, drip the oil into the bristles and then just paint it on the glove.  Barely a mess was made and the glove got lubed up better than Brian Giles hair.

Anybody else bought that Rawlings leather with the tool?  The tool is too big to fit into most of the holes in mitt.  Is it just me? I always thought it would be fun to be the equpiment manager with the Padres. Maybe we should try and get an interview with that guy and get some real tips for fixing up your gear. I'm gonna work on getting that interview. You just sit back and relax.