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New Chargers Stadium

I'm interested in how you all feel about the possibility of a new stadium for the Chargers. For me I don't like the excuse "The NFL will never have another Super Bowl in San Diego unless we build a bigger Stadium". Fine. Let them keep having Super Bowls in freezing cold cities like Detroit or Houston. We should be the ones making the rules. We'll only let you have a Super Bowl here if you give us the first round Draft Pick every year. Something like that. The NFL is only losing out on a few thousand ticket sales right? Make them eat it, don't threaten us!

I think Qualcomm is fine for the few home football games that they have here. This new stadium / ballpark craze is insane. Somehow owners and teams have been able to convince everybody that a team cannot survive without a new stadium. It's just not true. New Stadiums are nice and all but all these threats about leaving and losing money are dumb.

I especially don't like the idea of building a new stadium on top of Qualcomm and giving all the land to Charger's owners, so they can build a million condos. Have you tried driving around Mission Valley recently? Have you tried getting on or off the freeway as it is now? It's gonna be a mess.

If you just have to have a new stadium I'm all for having it outside the city limits. I'm okay with Chula Vista or anyplace else that has a bit of room.

I'm biased though since I'm not a die hard NFL guy and live close to Qualcomm.

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