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Of all the games to miss...

I've been watching a ton of sports lately. More than my usual amount. I normally like baseball, football and boxing. That's a normally decent amount, but I've been turning it up a little bit so that I can keep up with the conversations that my classmates engage in, all of whom are sports geeks. So I've added basketball, the college sports, golf, tennis, a little NASCAR. Basically, whatever might be on.

So yesterday, I watch Jake Plummer finally have his miniature meltdown against the Steelers. Then I watch Steve Smith and the Panthers get absolutely dominated by the Seahawks. I was watching some Australian Open. I watched a bit of the Pacquiao vs Morales I replay fight. I watched some college basketball.

I turn on the Lakers game and I see the Lakers getting blown out at the half. I'm barely paying attention so I figure, that's enough sports watching for today. Then, I look this morning and Kobe's scored 81. Of all the games to not watch. I'm not even a Kobe fan and I'm kicking myself for not watching that game. Next time I'm just going to have to suck it up and watch all of the freaking sports on the television. Santa Maria.

Also, in other completely irrelevant news, I tore it up at the sit and go poker tables online on Saturday. Playing $10 one and three table sit and go's, I managed to win me about $250 in four hours work. I was like digital Phil effing Ivey. Anyways...