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Links and stuff

Some quick links while jbox gets ready to run a Lemonade Stand simulation using Gaslamp Ball readers as thirsty customers in search of some thirst quenching lemonade on a hot day...

  • Theo's back in Boston. One can only hope that this means Dave Chappelle is coming back to finish season three.

  • From the mailbag(!): NL West grades. We get a B. I had no idea what that means so I read the rest of the report and I still have no idea what that means.

  • From Ducksnorts, Padres have acquired the heaviest man in MLB history. We've already got a 6'10" pitcher, a Vulcan, a nudist, a really old third baseman and a boots wearing surfer who has crabs (allegedly). Padres are going to be an effing freak show this season.
Freak show, I say.