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Padres still working on a deal with Wells and Pete


"We're talking with parties regarding both pitchers," said Towers. "There's still a gap with Astacio. The Red Sox know what we're prepared to do regarding Wells.

"We could wind up with both, one or none. We're still having discussions. But we're not going to overpay, either."

It's too bad that the Red Sox aren't looking for mediocre backup catching, because we have a ton of that.  How about lazy first basemen?  Still not interested?  How about aging third basemen?  Want your guy at second back?  Why not just throw in Loretta since you won't need him anymore.

I have a secret source that massages David Wells here in San Diego.  Once my secret source starts massaging Wells, I'm going to sneak up and switch places with the Source and take over the massaging.  It'll be just like Sean Connery as 007 in "Never Say Never Again" when he switches places so he can massage Kim Basinger.  I'm not sure what my massaging of David Wells would really get us though.  I would just get hand full of back fat and Gaslamp would get a gross story, but that is about it.