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I'm a little exhausted

I've been up in LA all weekend attending the Sports Event Marketing Experience at USC. I've also been nursing a slight cold, so going out last night till very late at night probably didn't prep me very well for the intense experience that was watching the Colts and the Steelers today.

That had to be the most insane game I've seen in a while. The do-over after after not calling a false start nor encroachment nor an off-sides even. That was something.

Then you have the most obvious interception ever by Polamalu overturned? Apparently, that's a rule that you need to actually get up before it counts as a caught ball. It sure seemed like a catch to me, but I didn't say a whole lot as I was watching with a die hard Colts fan.

Then you have Bettis fumbling on the one and the Colts driving it all the way back only to have Vandejagt miss his field goal.

I fully expected the Stanford band to show up on the field in the closing seconds.

Also, I wonder if the Colts regret playing their starters against the Chargers during the regular season. Sure, they would've sacrificed the perfect season, but the Steelers wouldn't have had such a clear gameplan for taking out Peyton. And they lost to the Chargers anyway. That's weird to think about, right?

Anyways, that was the end of the weekend. The start of the weekend had me sitting in on panels and keynote speakers telling me that I have to build a network and be lucky. Not a whole lot in the way of baseball, though the Dodgers did send a couple of representatives. But then again, as open minded as I'm willing to be, I can't quite see working for the Dodgers.